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About Oliver Haller,
his team and alphamonda

Oliver Haller and his team are a group of experienced traders and developers who met inside of a program for elite traders. Since then we further developed our trading methodology, which is the basis for our strategy development and futures trading.

We are developing break-out strategies for the futures markets with the help of artificial intelligence. More importantly we test them for robustness to ensure that they have a high likelihood of working also in the future. These strategies can be combined into portfolios that have a low correlation with other asset classes and thereby help to reduce overall risk and increase profitability.

All of us trade these strategies also with their own funds.

Any Questions?

Do you provide performance reports of your trading strategies?2021-01-29T11:09:10+01:00

If you are interested in a specific strategy we can send you updated performance reports. Alternatively you can also get *.xml files which can be used by portfolio analysis software like Market System Analyzer.

Which consulting services do you provide?2020-07-10T11:36:09+02:00

We provide a lot of different services ranging from customer specific strategy development, implementation support, to capital allocation and position sizing. For more details please see the consulting services page.

How do you develop your strategies?2020-07-10T11:33:35+02:00

For more details on how we develop our strategies please visit he strategy development page.

Can you guarantee that I will make money?2020-07-10T11:32:27+02:00

No, we cannot guarantee that you will make money with our strategies. Please read the disclaimer in the footer below for more details.

Where can I license Strategies?2021-01-29T11:06:57+01:00

You can license our strategies via Striker Securities who is an introducing broker. Institutional investors may also license trading strategies directly from us. If you are interested please contact us through the homepage

Oliver Haller

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We are committed to providing you with the highest level of customer service, and to assist you in every aspect of algorithmic trading. Our goal is to fully support you in your trading so that you can achieve your goals.


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