If you need support, we are here to help you. On request we can cover the following consulting or training areas:

  • Trading related research and development projects. This includes customer specific strategy development, but also other areas like creating novel indicators or filters to further improve trading results.
  • Support in strategy implementation on the Tradestation® or Striker® trading platforms. In case you need support in implementing our strategies, we will help you to get up to speed.
  • Enable you to find the optimal capital allocation or position sizing method for your investment targets. This will help you to better achieve your profit and drawdown goals. This is a very important area of trading. Only with the appropriate money management method you will be successful in the long run.

Since we are not a licensed asset manager, broker, or an investment advisor, we currently cannot do any services which would require such licenses. Nevertheless, we can support you in many ways that fits your needs and helps you to achieve your goals. Licensing of strategies, training or consulting services are some ways to do it, but we are also open for other structures if needed.

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