About Oliver Haller

Oliver Haller started trading in 1999. Since 2016 he focused on algorithmic trading of futures. Now he is licensing the strategies created by him and his team of futures traders to professional and retail investors.

How to verify a Leased Trading Strategy?


Did you ever try leasing a trading strategy? If you do, you know that the biggest challenge is distinguishing the working trading strategies from the rotten ones. In this article I will show you how to tell the difference between a trading strategy that works and the ones that don’t.

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Can Algorithmic Trading Really Work?


Many people wonder whether algorithmic trading the way we do – in the timeframe of minutes, days, or weeks – can really work, since they often relate this to high frequency trading, expensive IT equipment, or a hedge fund with hundreds of PhDs. In this article I would like to discuss first on a theoretical basis and then a bit more practical why and how it can work.

Can Algorithmic Trading Really Work?2020-09-21T11:24:50+02:00

Introduction to Breakout Trading


When trading you have the choice of many different methods. The one which stood the test of time is break-out trading. It is the method that worked best in the past and still generates very robust and profitable results. It is also the method we use for our trading. In this article you will learn how break-out strategies work, why you should use them too, their most important elements, the KPIs, and for which markets they works best.

Introduction to Breakout Trading2020-09-21T10:12:32+02:00
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