Algorithmic Trading
of Futures

With the help of artificial intelligence, alphamonda is developing low correlating algorithmic trading strategies that trade futures on various markets.

Finding such strategies is only the first step. Where we spend most of our energy is to determine whether such strategies are robust and have a high likelihood to work also in the future. Besides that, alphamonda is analyzing them on a regular basis to see whether they are functional or broken.

alphamonda also provide training on how to create a balanced portfolio and position size it so that you can achieve your goals.

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Simulated equity curve of a natural gas strategy


Depending on your needs alphamonda can provide you with existing strategies, develop specific one’s for you or provide you with customer tailored consulting services.

Client Feedback

Tomas Nesnidal

Oliver is a skilled and experienced trader with deep understanding of the trading game and proven past record confirming his trading skills. I had the privilege to work with Oliver inside of a program of elite traders, where I realized that he performs especially well in challenging times and markets. This gives him another extra keep winning long-term, but also a great ability to make it through hard times, and definitely deliver some great, real results.

TOMAS NESNIDAL, Trader and Hedge-Fund Manager,
Andrew Swanscott

Oliver has an advanced understanding of trading and the markets. I have no doubt his skills, tenacious attitude and desire to always be better will help him deliver a long and fruitful career in the markets.

R. Brian Johnson

I have worked closely with Oliver for the past year, and his acumen and insight regarding automated trading strategies is unmatched.

Jim Weigel

With carefully designed automated systems, especially when combined, Oliver has created a diversified portfolio of futures instruments that should provide good returns for reasonable risk. Great to have when normal stocks, bonds and real estate are facing challenging times.

Adam Sciannimanica

I have collaborated with Oliver over the last few years and have also profitably traded some of his strategies live.  This gives me first hand evidence that his framework, systems and skills are legitimately the best you will find.


I use Oliver’s strategies and they are high quality. Oliver has profound knowledge of investing and strategy creation process. I recommend working with Oliver to everyone seriously interested in systematic investing.

JACEK, Asset Manager

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